The Rise and Fall of Legends

First Day

The First day.
The Party is arriving at The citadel of Lord Greywulf for the annual celebration on the Lord’s Birthday.
The city around the citadel is

Theadon: Population 19000, mostly human, some other civilized races. The city is defended by a series of stone walls and gatehouses. It is ruled by the human man Lord Greywulf, though several wealthy merchants exert some influence.

The Adventurers
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Peter and the Zan went to the local tavern to grab some drinks and hang out. Peter had no interest in games. Zan had no money to enter the tournament, and bummed some drinks from people in the bar.

Tig, tried his hand at the dueling/fencing games and lost 3 rounds (300 gold) Then decided to look for work doing some metal work, and earned some gold back.

Covex just stuck around tig, doing nothing of importance.

After a few drinks Zan wanted to try and get his way into the tournament. He ended up convincing the guard in charge of entry that Zan would win and give the person 400 gold, if he ignored the entry fee. Zan registered in the tournament under the name “Bato”.

The fighting tournament was the biggest event there. Zan’s first round in this non-lethal tournament went terribly. Zan’s first round the opponent stabbed him, and Zan got mad. Zan cut off the opponents arm, thus ending the round and getting Zan thrown out of the tournament.



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